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In the past few years, laser dentistry has take place of many traditional dentistry practices, making treatments more accurate and minimal painful. Laser dentistry enables dentists to deal with decayed teeth and gums by directing an invisible energy beam onto problematic areas. For dental treatments such as gum surgery, the utilization of laser in this manner can help to stop the use of scalpels and drills. Laser dentistry offers us lots of ways to render top quality care, with minimized discomfort and healing time. This technology can be applied in virtually every areas of the contemporary dental practice including cavity recognition and cosmetic treatments. One of the most prevalent uses of laser technology is for periodontal disease treatment which offers considerable advantages unlike traditional gum surgery.

The risk associated with laser dentistry is linked with the heat generated by the frequency of the laser beam, amount of coolant usage when laser is employed on the surface of tooth, and how much time dentist employed the laser to any single tooth surface. It’s vital to have a trained clinician conduct your laser dentistry treatment. At Figtree Family Dental, our clinicians are cognizant with the risks involved with laser treatment; they are well versed in reducing these risks. Laser dentistry can be utilized for a many procedures conducted by general dentists and specialist periodontists like for some smaller fillings or gum lifts. During initial discussion one of our general dentists or specialist periodontists will examines your suitability for laser dentistry and will talk about your treatment options.

Our Laser Dentistry Treatment Options:

Laser Assisted Dental Fillings

Laser dentistry can be applied for dental filling which is transforming the way patients gets dental treatment. Dental fillings are usually related with needles and loud sound of dental drills. With laser, dental fillings are less aggressive. There is little requirement for anaesthetic, and procedures become quicker and easier to implement. Additionally, the beneficial for those patients who do not like the dental drill sound as there is no inconvenient noise.

Sweeps Endodontics – Laser assisted Root Canal Therapy

Previously, root canal therapy was aggressive and unpopular treatment for treating teeth that need root canal treatment. While impressive in majority of cases, there are some limiting factors. Initial, it is hard to clean and remove all foreign substance. There are also difficulties of disinfecting completely the whole affected area. In the cases where this happens, the root canal treatment may not function and the affected tooth removed.

Advanced laser dental treatment for root canal therapy aid in minimizes these risks by offering better option to disinfect the canals. In the context of your treatment, we may suggest a restoration or dental crown to strengthen the tooth after treatment became successful. By initially cleaning and removing foreign material from the canal using light waves, Sweeps Endodontics laser root canal treatment functions in this way. After, the laser is applied to disinfect the area of bacteria. The procedure can be finished speedily without any anaesthetic and create a base for long-lasting success of treatment.

Laser Dentistry in Figtree, Wollongong

At Figtree Family Dental laser dentistry is part of our vast range of high-tech service we provide. Utilizing the advance technology present in dentistry, we offer the top quality of dental care during all procedures. So you can be certain that the best people with the best equipment will conduct your laser dentistry.